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What is Clash Royale game all about?

Clash royale is an RTS in which you can easily fight against the online players in worried duels. There are many new characters being added in the games such as giants, barbarian archers and many others in the facing off. Clash royale is one of the most simple and straight forward games which have three towers. In this one tower is in the middle and the other in the other two sides.

The main aim is to use the troop and destroy the central tower, and not only this, you can also defend your own towers. The tournament lasts for three minutes each In case there is a tie then they are given extra time. There are various tons of combat, but if you want them, they have to unlock them. You need to have various cards, and these cards are only available when you win a tournament.

Each clash royale has various features like speed, deployment times, attack distance, etc. Winning the game will allow you in designing your troops strategically. This is a game of multiple players each of them lasts for one and four minutes so that you can easily play a quick match anytime you want to. They provide you graphics just like the original one.

In this game, the players have ranked by trophy count. The game players can level up themselves by paying and earning experience points, which they can get by doing donating as well as by upgrading cards also they can get completing achievements. One of the highest levels is the thirteen levels. The player will win the battle only by destroying the towers of the opponents. Or they can also destroy the opponent’s king’s tower as well.

Cards– playable units and the buildings are known as the cards. Players of the battle construct a deck of 8 cards, and that cards are used to attack the enemies. At the start of the game begin with randomly chosen cards from the deck of eight.

Each card provides you with a certain amount of elixir to play. Players have to start the game with five elixir points. These cards will help you in choosing the best as this will help you in getting the best, and you can also select your worriers with the help of these cards.

Currency- as the game is free to play clash royale offers its players the ability to purchase gems or use the clash royale hack in the cards shop thirds is a type of currency. This will help you to start tournaments enter challenges that will help you in purchasing chests, cards, gold and various other things.

Cheats– playing the game and earning these cards and currency is very hard. Therefore, they are provided with the cheats. These cheats allow you to get the coins and currency for free. With the help of these cheats, you can easily buy things that are required in the game. Not only will this person using the cheats never be disclosed. This is one of the best ways through which you can get things that are required in the game for free.

So this is clash royale game all about.

Playstation 3 Pixeljunk Monsters Review

Once, ages ago, before 3D graphics, thirty million dollar game budgets, and intense media scrutiny of the video game industry, game programmers toiled away in their garages for a few weeks or months, cranking out creative little titles for home computers like the Commodore 64 and Apple II+. Restricted by a serious lack of horsepower, these games featured none of the bells and whistles of today’s blockbusters. Still, despite low-resolution 2D graphics, and mono sound games found themselves enthralled by these creative efforts for one simple reason: game play.
Now, many of today’s games, despite the increasing focus on blurring the line between fantasy and reality, still boast exceptional game play value. However, there are some gorgeous looking games out there that have flopped at retail because the developers of those games forgot the golden rule: game play is king. It was true back in the 80s and it is true now. All the window dressing in the world won’t make a terrible game fun. But, take away all the flash and dash and you can still have a compelling title. Just look at the millions of gamers playing games like Bejeweled, Tetris, Solitaire, and Minesweeper. No incredibly detailed 3D environments, or 6 channel surround sound, just simple, addictive game play.

When the Playstation 3 launched, Sony focused their marketing efforts on the horsepower of the machine, and the incredible graphics it was capable of producing. They probably couldn’t have imagined a humble little independent game company called Q-Games would start to produce some of PS3’s most addictive titles, in 2D!

With the PS3, featuring a built in hard drive, Sony has allowed smaller developers to create smaller, low-budget games, and sell them via direct download to customers on Sony’s Playstation Network. To date many companies have featured their creations. Some have been incredible, and others mundane. With Pixeljunk Monsters, an easy to learn, addictive tower defense game, Q-Games has struck all the right chords for both the casual and hard core gamer alike.

As I mentioned above, Pixeljunk Monsters is presented in 2D, its fantasy world graphics reminiscent of early SNES Final Fantasy games. But the graphics, while unspectacular, are serviceable enough to complement the fantastic game play.

Easy to jump into, addictive, with a clever balance of frustration and fun, Pixeljunk Monsters is one of the sleeper hits of the PS3 to date. Players are tasked with constructing towers on a single screen map to defend their helpless villagers from wave after wave of monsters. As the defending towers destroying the invading creatures, the player earns gold and gems, used for building more towers, upgrading existing towers, or gaining access to new and more powerful towers. How you decide to deploy your wealth of gold and gems is critical for protecting your villagers, and a strategy that works for one stage may fail miserably for another.

Pixeljunk Monsters also features a cooperative mode, where you can team up with a friend to defend your villagers. This multiplayer option allows for different strategies, and of course adds a social element to the game.

All in all I would give Pixeljunk Monsters a 9 out of 10. It is a game that has appeal for almost any style of game. Only those that consider realistic 3D graphics as the be-all-end-all of video gaming wouldn’t enjoy this game. For anyone who knows that game play is the only criterion that really matters, Pixeljunk Monsters is a must buy. and at less than $10 it is a steal of a deal.