How to Sell Online Game Accounts

Online gaming has become extremely popular in the past few years, and is continuing to grow rapidly. Many people have their own favorite game that they have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing. Runescape, World of Warcraft, and MapleStory are just a few examples. At some point, gamers are bound to get tired of the game, and quit – but those countless hours of work shouldn’t go to waste! Many players choose to sell their accounts for a fair amount of money depending on the game and how long they’ve spent playing it. The majority of online games do not permit the sale or trading of accounts, but that doesn’t stop players. It is advised to be careful when making online trades, because it can be a fraudulent business.
The most important thing to know when you are selling an account is where you are going to sell. There are many websites available for you to list an account.

Alternatively, you could make a video of the account you are selling (avoid displaying your username) and post it on a video sharing website, such as Youtube. The last choice is to list your offer on “Craigslist”, but your ad might be flagged for deletion shortly after posting it. Good listing websites include (geared towards WoW accounts) and (geared toward Runescape accounts). If you prefer to sell to a dealer, offers a trustworthy and reliable service to both buyers and sellers for many different games.

When your account is listed, you will have to wait for a buyer. The waiting process may take anywhere from a few hours to over a month, depending on the demand for what you are selling, and how lucky you are. If all goes well, you should have a buyer within a couple of weeks.

Once a buyer has contacted you, the tricky part begins. It is entirely up to you to determine whether the buyer is trustworthy or not. Make sure that recovery questions on your account are set if possible, and then change your password to something that does not reveal any personal information. For example, a password such as “ThaNks4buyin” is a good idea, because the buyer will not know your personal password, and they will remember to and change it to a password of their choice. It is typical for the seller to give the password to the buyer before receiving payment so that the buyer can know exactly what they are buying. If the buyer changes his or her mind, then change the password again, look for another buyer, and consider lowering your price. If you cannot set recovery questions of any kind on your account, absolutely do not allow anyone to know your password before you receive payment.

The preferred payment method for most buyers and sellers is via “Paypal”. If you don’t have an account already, one can be set up in a matter of minutes, then the buyer can transfer funds to your account from their Paypal account, a credit card, or even directly from a bank account. Any funds can be withdrawn to your bank account, or sent by check, or spent online, however you choose. If you or your buyer do not wish to use Paypal, then check will also work, but it will take significantly longer to receive, and you have the possibility of the check bouncing when you try to cash it. Even cash will work, and is actually best to be used if you are selling locally.

Finally, after you have received payment, send a nice note to your buyer, thanking them for the purchase, and wishing them luck with their new account.

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